Matthias Young

     My name is Matthias. I create 3D objects, characters, creatures, and sometimes worlds. I create video-games.


     Ferocious Industries is currently and has been to this day, a solo project. My desire is to open a studio, and hire a team, to help me bring all of my bigger ideas to life.


      If you wish to help, you can leave a donation on the home page, subscribe on Twitch, follow me on Instagram, or consider becoming a Patron of Ferocious Industries. Love goes out to all of my fans and supporters regardless of their status. 


     If you're looking for a freelancer, or maybe a place in my company, please send inquiries to the email below, or contact me in the same way for any questions or concerns.


                                                    Thank You All!


In Loving Memory

     My father Brett unexpectedly passed away June 19th, 2020. He was every bit the support and inspiration someone in this business could ever hope for.

     Every piece of artwork or concept design, he was the first one to stand up and say, "WOW!". As an artist and designer this meant everything to me, but the real gift he gave me, was every time he said he was proud.

     I didn't make the best choices growing up, and being proud of myself became pretty much out of reach. Over the passed decade he was always there to tell me to look forward, and never give up.


     It destroys me that he won't see my future in this industry, so please leave this page knowing that I'm okay and moving forward, because of this man right here.

     Wherever I go, I go with him.


© 2019 Ferocious Industries

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