This Game will be Developed in the near future


   "Riptide is my all-out Fantasy Survival-RPG. I've written the story over a very long time, and have prototyped it many times throughout my career. It is my ultimate goal." 

Riptide needs funding, and a team.
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Scarlet Highway Horror Universe

This Game will be Developed sometime in the Future 



This Game will be Developed sometime in the Future 

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Twinkle is a Pixar-inspired animation.

A tale of a young alien life form, born of a dying star. I attempted to create this cinematic game in the earlier years of my career. Although it was fun and insightful, I simply couldn't do it justice at that time, and decided to put it aside until I was satisfied with my ability and skill to properly portray this story.

I wrote Twinkle over the course of nearly a year, and I consider it to be a beloved Ferocious Industries Original. Friendships, comedy, action, and our wonderous universe. This is a game that WILL one day be created. One of my many concept ideas meant for all ages.


More Concepts and Prototypes Are In The Works!