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PBR Modern Kits

PBR Traffic Signs

$6.00 CA

24 Different Road signs sharing one 4K PBR texture map with 4 different skins! Clean, Rusty, Dirty, and Graffiti! Complete with Collision and LOD's!

PBR Electric Guitars

$6.00 CA

Extremely detailed and hyper-realistic with every screw and bolt! 5 Body styles and all share one texture map in 4k PBR! There are 10 different skins for a total of 50 different electric guitars!


PBR Homewares (Interior)

$6.00 CA

Light switches, receptacle plugs, thermostats and heaters, and 4 styles of crown mouldings complete with trims, baseboards, with inside and outside corners! Complete with On/Off switches, a spinning thermostat dial, and LOD's!


PBR Housewares (Exterior)

$6.00 CA

Mailboxes, house numbers, metal and plastic vents, PVC Conduit and Eavestrough kits with all needed corners! 4 Skins on the house numbers, all shared 4K PBR materials, opening and closing mailboxes, and complete with LOD's!