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If you are hiring, or looking for a freelance designer, please review my content in detail.

My strongest skills are 3D modelling, texturing, rigging, and animation in Blender, as well as Unity Game Development.

However, I have a variety of skills in game development including Environment Design, Writing, Programming, VFX, UI, and more!


Sci-Fi User-Interface

This project was designed as a multiplayer 2.5D action platformer.

While exploring ways to animate the elements to sound effects and involve the 3D characters, it ultimately helped me understand new ways to make UI feel alive, interactive, and fun to use.


Sketchfab Library

Please browse my Sketchfab models and animations in their 3D browser viewer!


Unity Publisher

Please browse my entire collection of 3D assets published on the Unity Asset Store!


Contact for Business

Contact me if you're hiring, or looking for a freelance designer!

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