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This page contains old works that are no longer up to Ferocious Industries' standards. 

However, they may still be very useful for your project, so I've made the files downloadable as Zip folders.

Be sure to read any documents, and play the demo scenes to understand any included systems.

I do not offer customer service on depreciated assets, however, please contact me if you have any issues, I may still be able to help.


Fealty HD

Fealty HD is a huge library of customizable architecture, industrial equipment, and war machines. Every single aesthetic is at your full control with the custom editor tools. 

I have depreciated this package from the store, and am using it as a concept for a new asset package called, Fealty II - 4K.


RPG Character- Customization

An in-depth character customization system including body and face morphs, tintable skin and eye textures, facial expressions, accessories and outfits, and a save and load setup.

I have more-or-less abandoned this asset, and may re-create it in higher quality in the future.


Destructible Guerilla Droids

A fictional droid skeleton and armor, completely destructible with a gore system to slowly break them down. 6 Skins for the armor, and uses a humanoid rig compatible with motion capture.


Universal Car Accessories Pack

A package of sports car accessories including rims and tires, spoilers, roof and hood scoops, nitrous tanks, subwoofers, and exhaust tips. 

This package simply is not the way I like to do game assets today. Although, the materials are interchangeable and it's a nice feature.

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