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   "Riptide is my all-out Fantasy Survival-RPG. I've written the story over a very long time, and have prototyped it many times throughout my career. It is my ultimate goal." 

                                               -Matthias Young

Riptide needs funding, and a team.


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Super Nova

This Game may be Developed sometime in the Future 


This game idea is a simple 2D action side-scroller. Multiplayer Co-operative wave survival, that revolved around a story of interstellar prison stations for galactic criminals of the milky way. Each level would increase in difficulty featuring mini-bosses, and ending in a boss. As well as unlockable characters for the Players should they successfully finish the rescue. Likewise for all sorts of perks and gestures could be possible, and skins. It is just a concept idea for now, and this prototype currently uses almost all free Adobe Mixamo characters, which could be considered place-holders at this point in time.

What this ultimately helped me accomplish was a better understanding and method to animate user-interface, make them more interactive, and fun to use.

Scarlet Highway

This Game will be Developed sometime in the Future 


The Shrinking



This Game was created with Dietmar Puschmann for the Ludum Dare 48th Game Jam!

Matthias Young's Free Fan-Makes

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These games were created earlier in my career, as a means to better understand game development as a whole. They may not be fully fledged, but they are fun for most people :). It is unlikely that I will return to any of these projects in the near future. Enjoy them for Free!


Pokemon: Forever Gold (3D Pokemon: Gold Fan-make)


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Fort Aftermath (COD Zombies Fan-make)


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