Scarlet Highway


   Scarlet Highway is Ferocious Industries' Horror Universe.

A grim and unsettling story following the paranormal torture, of one very unfortunate family, the Warrens.


Scarlet Highway is a very unnerving, First Person Horror Experience. Chapter One is still far from complete, however you can soon download an Open Alpha, and experience the majority of Act 1. Here is the first sequence of my horror series, What Happened to Sam.

Be sure to return any useful feedback. As always, it's greatly appreciated.

Chapter One: What Happened to Sam

Open Alpha (PC, Mac, Linux) Coming Soon!

    IMPORTANT NOTES  (Open Alpha)


  - Holster (Unequip) your Weapons when you don't need them. It will make Interacting with objects less nerve-racking, which is by design.

  - Keys and Tools must be Equipped in your Hand, before they can be Used.

More to come from Scarlet Highway