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3D Assets

Ferocious Industries makes it's library of 3D artwork and systems available to all developers and artists. Select your preferred platform, and browse assets available for your software. Please do not hesitate to contact support if you need any help whatsoever. Free customer service calls are available upon request. 

You can request a custom made asset at the bottom of this page.



A female Fantasy Hero!

2K Textures!

Fully rigged!




Download this model on Sketchfab!


See my 3D portfolio and download select models from Sketchfab!


Browse available assets for the Unity Game Engine!


Browse available assets for Unreal Engine 5!


Visit the Archives!

Download discontinued 3D packages for Unity totally free!

Old works by Ferocious Industries free to download in ZIP format!


Need something Made? Get a Quote!

You can send a request to have a custom 3D asset created by Ferocious Industries.


Please be advised the availability of this service may vary, and you will be informed of your position in the waitlist as soon as possible.

Thanks for your Request!

You'll recieve a response shortly!

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