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Pokemon: Forever Gold (Fan-Make)

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Just Download, Unzip, and Play!

   Forever Gold is a 3D-Toon fan re-construction of the original handheld Pokemon Games.


The game is set in Johto, and almost every last one of the features you'd expect from the original games is present. Visit the Pokemon School  in Violet City to see what's different. The game is an on-going work in progress, and the map is periodically being expanded and updated.

Not Associated with the Pokemon franchise in any way. This is free-to-play Fanart. Please Enjoy!

FREE (PC, Mac, Linux)



  - Added display for raised and lowered Battle Stats

  - Added Zone display when entering new areas

  - Added Blue name to text when acquiring Items, Badges, and Keys

  - Added Cut TM

  - Added Ruins of Alph, Ilex Forest, Route 34, Goldenrod City (Incomplete), Route 35, National Park (Incomplete), Route 36 (Incomplete)

  - SoodoWoodo moves out of the way after travelling through Route 36, allowing you to connect Goldenrod, and Violet City

  - Increased Bill's PC limit to over 200 slots

  - Added Water Stone


  - Open the Options Menu where you can fully customize your playstyle. You must close the Menu to activate the Third-Person Camera.

  - In your starting Bedroom, you can interact with the Dresser to choose a  personalized color scheme for your characters clothing. The same for the Paint Bin for your Bicycle, in Goldenrod's Bike Shop.

- The game very accurately saves, and very quickly. Don't be shy with the Save button.

  - You can play the game with a controller, if you map it to something like the Steam Desktop App.


  - When choosing your starter Pokemon, refrain from spamming the interact button, as there is a rare bug here. * The only bug that will require you to reload the Game. Pressing the button only when prompted at this particular stage, will prevent the bug from occuring.